2018, Things Money Can't Buy.


Happy New Year! 

Can't believe 2018 is here. 

Like every January it is time to set new goals to keep us motivated for the year. This year I am taking a different approach and rather than doing the same old goals I want to achieve things money can't buy. I really want 2018 to be all about growth and as much as I am praying for financial growth I want to achieve what will last me a lifetime. 


  • Happiness- 2017 was definitely a rough year for me. I don't want to be a drama queen and say it was the worst year ever but lets just say I was living my best worst life all at the same time. For 2018 I want happiness to be able to smile at life at all times. I am not talking about worldly happiness that is achieved through monetary moments of pleasure but the type of happiness God gives you, the type of happiness that even in the rough time you know to smile because you trust in the plan God has for your life. 


  • Health- One of my biggest fears is sickness. I could handle being sick but I can not look at people around me suffer specially when it is due to an illness. For 2018 I am proclaiming health on every one of my family members and all my love ones. Sometimes we take health for granted until we are forced to face illness so for 2018 I want health! 


  • Love- We all crave love! So this year I wan't lots and lots of love. For one I want to wholehearted feel the love of God! To no matter what people may think of me or say about me I know that his love is always with me and thats the only love I will ever need. That I may be filled with so much of it that others and those around me feel it as well. Secondly, the love of my family;  the love of my parents, siblings and family members. I wan't to not only be able to feel love but give love and be more devoted to my family and appreciate them. Lastly, to keep experiencing the greatest love in my relationship and to keep growing that love and building a strong foundation. 


  • Confidence- Confidence sounds like an odd goal to have but I know if I gain enough of it it will open so many doors for me. When I say confidence it is not to say that I think less of myself because I definitely feel comfortable in the skin I am in. I want to achieve confidence in my artistry in my talents. I want to be able to showcase my work more freely without the fear of rejection, I want the confidence to ask for opportunities and not be afraid to get a 'no'. 

Sometimes we just need to prioritize our goals and see what is really important. Personally each one of these "goals" is what I mostly want to achieve this year. Nothing is more important than mental and emotional health, money is great and definitely needed but it should definitely not be the most significant aspect in your life. Personally I believe that if you can achieve these goals everything else will follow. I really do hope you guys enjoy this post and it helps you add a couple new goals for 2018. Make sure to comment down below what do you wish to mostly accomplish this year! 

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