Dose Of Colors Collab: Desi x Katy Review + Tutorial


Hello Guys, 

First, I am so excited to be blogging again and to be able to share with you guys! 

Now to the real! I am so excited for this collection and it was about time desi and katy came out with a makeup collaboration. Overall, I am so impressed with each and every product. The shadows are something different and innovative,  they are directed to be used wet but the switches below are dry finger swatches. My recommendation is defenetly to use them as directed because they do crumble on your lid if you do not use them wet. 

Moving on to the highlights! Both are so beautiful but my favorite is 'Fuego' which is the first highlight pictured and the second one is 'Mirame'. I love fuego because it is the perfect shade for someone of my complexion, with gold/yellow undertones it blends into my skin rather than sitting right on top. 'Mirame' is beautiful as well but not a highlight I am use to, as you can tell on the swatches it has more on a rose gold/ pink undertone (swatched on third picture second swatch the the right). 

Okay lets talk lips now! I have one word, AMAZING! To have two latinas come together and make nude lipsticks has been probably the best thing that has happened to the makeup community. The undertones are just right and they complement my skin tone so well I don't have to mix the lipsticks with anything else they're just perfect. My favorite one is 'More Creamer Please' (swatched last picture first one to the left) its the perfect nude for me and I can't stop using it. Now, who doesn't love glossy juice lips! The name is perfect because you can literally just use this over the top of any lipstick or even on you own bare lips.  

Overall, there are no complains with this collection, you can just tell when something is done with love! Dose of colors is an amazing company and to see that 3 amazing women came together to bring us the consumers such an incredible collection makes the collection worth buying. Desi, Katy and Dose Of Colors have announced a restock this September so if you are able to get your hands on it definitely do. 

Thank you guys for tuning in! I appreciate every ounce of support make sure to comment what your thoughts on the collection are and like this post as well!