My Favorite Products For Oily Skin

Hello beauties, 

I am so excited to be sharing this post with you all because finally I was able to record a video for you guys. The worst is taking hours to accomplish a beautiful makeup application just to have it ruined an hour later all because of oily skin. Having oily skin can be a pain in the butt and over time I have thought that using a million and one products will help but I was wrong. Using minimal products that target my problem areas has completely changed the way I wear make up.

Below you will see some of my favorite products that have become part of my everyday routine. 

Cremo Moist 1.jpg




Lightweight, easily absorbed and non sticky




Match Stix 

Under eye concealer shade: Caramel Contour shade: Truffle Matte finish, oil obsorbing and long lasting. 


Fenty Beauty Foundation

Shade: 310 Matte Finish, Beautiful finish using buffing brush and long lasting. 


Bare Minerals

Mineral Veil

Finely milled, perfect for under foundation. Prevents oil from seeping through and lightweight. 


I really hope you guys enjoyed some of my tips and find use in the products i recommended. Thank You for tuning in and I will see you in my next post! Don't forget to comment and like this post I would love to hear your guys thoughts. XoXo